Hey Folks! By now we hope you have all enjoyed listening to 'Revenge' and enjoyed the video we released along with the song. On Monday 10th March 2014, our new album 'When the World Had Four Corners' is released. With some fabulous melodies and a good old sitar solo, we hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it! Please go to our Tumblewild shop, which is now opened, to order your copy today!

Much love, Audrey & Alonza xx


More Info!


With Audrey & Alonza following rather different musical careers, some people often wonder how it was they came to be together. But, in 2002, it seemed that fate intervened, as it just so happened that they were living on the same street in East London! With  so much in common, including a love of old folklore, Americana art, music and of course tea, it was not surprising that they ended up marrying in 2004. Later, in 2008, Audrey and Alonza decided to move from their busy city life in London, settling happily into village life in Belgium. This move also resulted in the establishment of ‘The Tea Rooms’ studio, where ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ was recorded. This was a project in which Audrey was also involved, through her beautiful contribution to the backing vocals. Following the success of the album, Alonza was approached by the Belgian radio station, Classic 21, to ask if he would be interested in taking part in a tribute to mark the 30th anniversary of the death of the legendary Bob Marley. For this project, Audrey & Alonza covered the classic song, 'Sinnerman', which they performed under the name 'Tumbleweed'.  This song was later recorded along with 'Motherless Child'. It was released on July 4th 2011. 

 This particular release demonstrated a unique style, which brought together the sound of African-American Spiritual music, whilst retaining a very unique sound of its own.  This element has carried on into the album, which contains a very unique set of songs unlike anything found in mainstream music today. This music very much illustrates the theme of ‘one true love’, and leaves the listener with a gentle and melancholy feeling, reflecting the enchantment contained within each song. Listening to ‘When the World Had Four Corners,’ reminds the listener of old folklore, and tends to have an innocence that one would most likely find in fairy tales or in songs & poems performed by travelling troubadours in times gone by. By all means, these songs have captured the best of both Audrey and Alonza’s varied approaches to music and created an album that will leave the listeners captivated. One little change has occured along the way, where Audrey & Alonza have changed their name to Tumblewild, which is a name that suits their combined nature!  Whilst this may be the first album for Tumblewild, it seems that they have many more curious characters and stories to tell, so we can be assured that we will be hearing more from them in days to come….